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Dry fruits are a great source of nutrition as they are naturally rich in vitamins and minerals. Bharat masala offers a wide variety of dry fruits, which are chemical & pesticide-free. At bharat we thrive to deliver the best quality dry fruits while ensuring luscious taste and texture. Enjoy them as a snack, garnish on sweets or gift them on occasions, dry fruits are surely a fun treat. * A gluten-free vegan diet. * No preservatives added. * Store in cool place.

Ingredients: Walnut

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    Gluten-free Vegan Diet
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    Gluten-free Vegan Diet
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    Store In Cool Place
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Bharatmasala brings a premium assortment of walnut to your plate in the form of Bharatmasala Walnut. As the name says, these walnut are nothing short of precious treats as they come from 1% of the Rarest Crop, grown worldwide. Since the crop is handpicked from the best, these walnut kernels are jumbo-sized, extra crunchier in taste, and contain exceptional nutritional value. Rich in Omega 3, the kernels are extra white in color and 100% Natural & Unpolished, speaking nature in every single crunch.


Akhrot Health Benefits:
Walnut/ Akhrot are large in size and come packed with antioxidants, which makes them one of the healthiest addition to your diet. Listed below is how these brain-shaped nuts affect your health regime:

– Decreases Inflammation
– Promotes Healthy Gut
– Supports Healthy Aging
– Improves Male Reproductive Health
– Supports Weight Control
– Lowers Blood Pressure


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