Best Way to Make Veg Biryani Recipe at Home With Best Masala

Veg Biryani Recipe

Veg Biryani Recipe
Veg Biryani Recipe

Wash 250gm of Basmati rice and par boil it. Strain the leftover water and set the rice aside.

Heat 3 tablespoons of oil in a pan. Sauté 3 sliced onions, and tomato purée made from 2 chopped tomatoes.

Further, add 1 tablespoon ginger-garlic paste, 1 tablespoon Bharat red chilli powder, and 1 teaspoon Bharat turmeric powder. Cook until oil separates from the mixture.
QA Next, add 1/2 cup yogurt and 3 teaspoons of Bharat biryani masala to the mixture. Mix it all well and let it cook for 2 minutes.

In a separate bowl, take 11/2 cup of boiled and half fried mix vegetables( peas, carrot, capsicum), and salt to taste.

In a big bowl, spread half the amount of prepared rice at the bottom, then add a layer of the vegetable mixture. Add remaining rice on top of the vegetable layer.

Pour 2 tablespoons of ghee over the layered rice, cover it and let it cook for 15 minutes on low flame.

Serve with Raita/ salad.

NOTE: For chicken Biryani, marinate chicken with Bharat biryani masala, and use chicken pieces instead of vegetables.