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Bharat Javitri Is Sourced From The Best Spice Markets In Kerela (india). It Is Processed & Packed In Our Factory In Surat (india). Javitri Has A Spicy Taste Combination Of Pepper And Cinnamon. It Has A Strong Aroma And Is Also A Part Of Garam Masala. Javitri Is Highly Beneficial For The Digestive System And Also Helps Relieve Painful Menstrual Cramps.*no Added Preservatives & Colors. *no Added Spice Extracts. *100% Natural.

Ingredients: Javitri

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Bharat Javitri (Mace) – A Spice with Distinct Aroma and Taste

Discover the exotic and aromatic flavour of Bharat Javitri, also known as Mace. Derived from the outer covering of nutmeg seeds, Javitri offers a warm, sweet, and slightly pungent taste that enhances both sweet and savoury dishes. Elevate your culinary creations with the premium quality and rich flavour of Bharat Javitri.

Uses of Javitri (Mace):

Baking: Add Bharat Javitri to cakes, cookies, and pastries for a unique and aromatic touch.

Cooking: Incorporate mace into curries, soups, and sauces to enhance the flavour profile of your dishes.

Beverages: Infuse teas, coffees, and hot beverages with the warm, spicy notes of Javitri.

Health Benefits of Javitri (Mace):

Digestive Aid: Javitri is known for its digestive properties, helping to improve digestion and alleviate digestive issues.

Rich in Nutrients: Packed with essential nutrients like vitamins and minerals, Mace contributes to overall health.

Anti-inflammatory Properties: The spice contains compounds that help reduce inflammation and relieve pain.

What is Javitri (Mace)?

Javitri, or Mace, is the dried, lacy covering of the nutmeg seed. Known for its distinct aroma and flavour, Javitri is a versatile spice used in both sweet and savoury dishes around the world.

Properties of Javitri (Mace)

Aromatic Properties

Javitri is known for its intense fragrance, which can enhance the aroma of both sweet and savory dishes. Its distinctive scent is a combination of nutty and slightly sweet notes.

Flavor Profile

The flavor of Javitri is warm, spicy, and slightly sweet. It is less intense than nutmeg, making it suitable for a variety of recipes where a delicate spice is needed.

Culinary Uses

Javitri is used in numerous culinary applications including baked goods, soups, sauces, and meat dishes. It is a key ingredient in spice blends like garam masala and is also used to flavor beverages.

Javitri (Mace) Price:

For the latest prices of Bharat Javitri, please contact our customer service team or visit our website for updates.

Why Choose Bharat Javitri (Mace)?

Superior Quality: Our Javitri is sourced from the finest nutmeg seeds, ensuring freshness and maximum flavour.

Authentic Taste: Bharat Javitri delivers the true taste of Mace, enhancing your dishes with its unique aroma and flavour.

Customer Satisfaction: We prioritize your satisfaction. Our commitment to quality ensures you receive the best Javitri for your culinary needs.

Buy Javitri (Mace) Online in Surat and India

Transform your cooking and baking with the rich, aromatic flavour of Bharat Javitri. Perfect for a variety of dishes and beverages, our Mace is a must-have in every kitchen. Buy Javitri (Mace) in Surat and across India now and experience the exceptional quality of this versatile spice!

What is Difference between Javitri and Jaiphal ?

While Javitri and Jaiphal originate from the same tree, they have distinct differences in appearance, flavor, and uses. Javitri, with its delicate lace-like structure and subtle flavor, is a versatile ingredient in both sweet and savory dishes. Jaiphal, known for its robust and warm flavor, is a staple in many culinary traditions. Both spices offer a wealth of medicinal benefits, making them valuable additions to your spice cabinet.


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